Become a Certified Professional Dog Groomer or Dog Trainer

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Pet Grooming and Dog Trainer Program in Central Florida

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Convert your passion for dogs into a successful career and make some money in this fast growing career field, which is expected to grow faster than other occupations? It is never too late or too soon to learn. We teach you how to turn your love for dogs into a fruitful career. No matter what your age or challenges Dog Groomer Academy has an option for you:  Professional Dog Groomer Academy for Adults and Dog Trainer Academy. Remember: A good trainer can change a life.

Welcome to the Dog Groomer Academy family.

Our orientation process will discuss the curriculum, and the general information that you need to know before starting our training program.

Why Is Dog Groomer Academy the Best Option?

Dog Groomer Academy offers an education to those pet lovers who want to convert their passion into a successful career. The Certified Professional Dog Grooming Program is a unique and individualized learning experience. Our curriculum provides a complete educational program for future pet groomers. The program is designed to meet the highest standards in the industry and provide an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become a leader. The curriculum is integrated into every activity with a practical application. From the first day of class, you will begin to explore the world that, as a pet groomer, opens to you. Count on support from your study group and professionals in the pet field to guide and accompany you on this adventure. Our study program consists of all the techniques needed to become an excellent pet groomer. Our goal is to build first-class pet groomers through education.


Program Description

The goal of a Certified Professional Dog Grooming Program is for students to have a basic and advanced education in the field of pet grooming and acquire the skills necessary to manage them appropriately. They will learn the basic and advanced techniques of dog grooming, such as bathing techniques, American Kennel Club Styles, sanitation process. and how to operate a grooming business. At the end of the course, they will receive a Certified Professional Dog Groomer Diploma.

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify dog stages and understand life.
  2. Recognize different breeds.
  3. Recognize different grooming tools
  4. Identify safety in the workplace
  5. Provide basic and advanced dog grooming techniques
  6. Provide basic and advanced dog grooming handling and dog care
  7. Understand the importance of the sanitation process
  8. Understand the business process

trainning_services_banner_pageDog Groomer Academy teaches how to convert your love for dogs into a successful career. Our specialized curriculum will help reach your maximum potential through the activities hands-on program. Our goal is to provide a rich learning atmosphere, flexible schedule and high quality training program. Working as a team, Dog Groomer Academy will broaden your knowledge and develop skills to become a Junior Dog Trainer /Groomer Academy (under 17 years old) Professional Dog Trainer Academy and Dog Grooming Academy .

There are many reasons which make us different. We offer:

  • Free Application/ Interview Fee: Commence a new beginning
  • Free Extra Support: Ask for help when needed.
  • Affordable Tuition: Everything included in price. You need only a dog and a desire to learn.
  • Individualized Curriculum: Each individual learns differently; we know this.
  • Qualified Faculty: Master Dog Trainer and College Professor are always available.
  • Bilingual Classes: Both English and Spanish are spoken.
  • Flexible Schedule: We conform to your lifestyle.
  • Hands-on Work Program: Training begins on the first day.
  • Easy-to-Follow Program: Homework is minimal; reading is limited.
  • Unlimited Support: Ask questions; expect answers.
  • No Added Fees: Participate in group classes as often as you wish.
  • Counseling (one- on-one): Our goal is to convert your dreams into a reality

Make an appointment  407-704-6377 and visit us  6335 Brenton Pointe Cv,Orlando Fl 32829

topnav_logoOur Curriculum is approved by Vocational Rehabilitation of Florida

Download application here

Academy Application Word Doc
Academy Application PDF


**Liability: If Dog causes property damage, or bites or injures any dog, animal or person (including but not limited to Groomer, Trainer and Groomer’s /Trainer’s or Dog Groomer Academy agents), then Client agrees to pay all resulting losses and damages suffered or incurred, and to defend and indemnify Trainer, Groomer and Groomer’s Trainer’s agents from any resulting claims, demands, lawsuits, losses, costs or expenses, including attorney fees. If Dog is injured in a fight or in any other manner, Client assumes the risk and agrees that Dog Groomer Academy should not be held responsible for any resulting injuries, losses, damages, costs or expenses.
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